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Visit the beautiful ZenCafe Studio!
and other attracting spots in Yamanashi-ken!

Package Tour Service is available.
If you want to experience a wanderful and memorial tour,
contact us at gaimaga@yahoo.com or contact us
at Tel & Fax
0551-35-3000 for more information.

This is a front view of ZenCafe Studio.

The building itself is made of the huge logs!
And...most of the logs used are mora than 150 years old!

That's why, when you go inside ZenCafe Studio, you feel relaxed and calm because of the natural materials used.

At the back of
ZenCafe Studio,

there is a beautiful river called

Amazingly, the shore has clear white sand like the sea which causes the water become emerald green!

We have a seminar roon, music room and and regression room where the soul therapy can be done. We rent our space for your purposes like having a family party, wedding or cultural classes.
You can also relax at the beautiful wood deck.
From ZenCafe Studio, you can see the beautiful mountain
range called Kaikomagatake and Yatsugatake..

Also, nearby ZenCafe Studio, there are many attracting
tourist spots like onsen (hot spas) and the spots where
you can see the beautiful Mt.Fuji and so on...

We can arrange a wonderful and memorial tour
for you.
For more information, don't hesitate to contact
at Tel & Fax 0551-35-3000.

The chandelier at the corridor is also spacial. See the beauty of its design.

This handmade corridor made out of one log !
See the beautiful shape of the curve.

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