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Meeting With The Stars

World Renowned Singer - Ms. Celine Dion

14th President of the Philippines Mrs.Arroyo

Famous Buddist monk - Mr. Ryojun Shionuma
He finished a 1,000 day special training in the forest which only few monks have accomplished because of the harsh conditions of the training.
The 2nd picture shows the tools (Bamboo hat, wooden stick, and sacred gown) which he used while the training.

Famous Senior Pro golfer, Best seller writer- Mr. Tadao Furuichi
His autobiography became a movie called "ARIGATOU".


Ms.Jacklyn Jose - Famous Actres in Philippines

Mr.Frankie Minoza Famous Filipino Golfer (right)
Mr.Toru Ozawa (left)

Professional Golfer JAMBO OZAKI


Ms. Celine Dion with her husband

The Best seller writer, psychologist, regression therapist Dr. Brian L. Weiss and his wife Carol

Shichida Academy President Mr.Shichida Makoto

Famous Singer Ms.Anri

Famous Singer Ms.Judhy Wong

Ms.Marcia - Famous Singer & Actres

Mr.Jumbo Ozaki - Famous Professional golfer

Ms. Hikaru Nishida - Famous Actress

Ms.Sato Yukari

Mr.Kato Koichi

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